Tongue and groove panels. Great acoustic barrier !

This was a fence completed in Southampton. These are top quality Tongue and Groove panels but they come at a price. Probably the strongest pre fabricated timber panel on the market. They produce a good solid fence when combined with concrete posts and gravelboards, that will stand the test of time. They also have the benefit of being a good acoustic barrier, due to the inter locking boards. Great for keeping the noise out of your peaceful garden.

How to install a fence on a raised bank

Installing a fence on a rised bank is installed pretty much the same way as any other fence, the only key differance is making sure you add on the extra length required for the drop. Normally the minimum depth a fence post should be in the ground is 2ft, so a standard 8ft post would be sufficient for a 6ft high fence on flat ground. This fence however was raised 1ft off the ground due to the ground level difference between the two gardens.  An extra long 9ft post was used for this fence to be sure that the minimum depth could be attained and the fence retains the same stability as one installed in normal conditions.

Selected as one of the top 3 Fencing contractors in southampton!

So Mountain Fencing recived an email today saying we have been selected as one of the top three fencing contractors in Southampton by Three Best Rated PNG LOGO . To say we are happy is an understatement . We are incredibly proud of what we have acheived. Our main aim has always been to provide a friendly, professional, reliable service and also to maintain a great reputation that we can be proud of and its really nice to see all the hard work paying off. Dont take our word for it, have a look for yourself by clicking this link

Probably the most durable fencing you can get

Completed a closeboard fence today with the recessed concrete posts and concrete gravel boards. By far they are the best concrete posts you can buy. Longer, so more post is in the ground and also thicker so have much more lateral strength. This fence really will last, but it is at a cost. Its is more labour intensive and generally the materials cost more, but in the long run…… its worth it.  

All around lap panel fencing completed today.

A large back garden fence completed today. All around lap panel fencing. Customer was very happy with the result, and its now spurred him on the tidy the rest of the garden. He’s aggreed to be a referance, so thats another one to add to the list. Checkatrade membership coming soon 🙂  

New van sign writing.

Got the van sign written today. I do think it looks very professional. Its great to finally have my business seen out on the road and to get my logo seen by lots of people. Very happy with the finished result. You can see me coming a mile off now 🙂 20161108_132905 20161108_134542 20161108_141020  

Another Happy customer today :)

Had another happy customer today. So happy he gave me a tip 🙂 It does give me pride in my work when the customer is clearly made up with what has been done. Also hes agreed to be a referance so there’s another one to add to the list.20160927_14344720161014_113003

New Testimonial

Really happy with the new testimonial for my site. Looking forward to more happy customers in the future.
Thank you James for your prompt quote, turning up on time when you said you would, good workmanship and a pergola we are morethan pleased with.

Mr & Mrs Everley – Marchwood


Pergola built in Marchwood.

So i built the first Pergola as Mountain Fencing today. Not a fence….. but you have to start somewhere. It felt really good to get my first job done completely as my own boss. Heres to hoping for more in the future. Built in less than a day. It helps to be super organised. Thanks to the Everleys for a great testimonial too 🙂 Ill be adding it to my website soon. 123